Samuel Ofori-Kyereh (born June 10, 1967) is a Ghanaian-British scientist, teacher/lecturer, counselor, businessman and a preacher. He is the Chief Executive of the Verity Group Limited with 5 different business arms and a Charity – Rescue Mission based in London, England. As a Christian Faith Minister, Pastor Sam (as he is popularly known) is the Founding Pastor of Family Foundation Fellowship, a Bible-based Christian ministry headquartered in London. Pastor Sam has a strong passion to supporting young people to develop personal living skills. He is the Executive Director of Future Leaders, a not-for-profit organization focused on harnessing the leadership and innate abilities of young people to do exploits.

Early life and history

Samuel Ofori-Kyereh grew up in a family where this parents showed him great love and care and taught him to put his trust in God, Almighty. His father was a teacher and Presbyterian Catechist (later as a Director of Education). His mum was a loving wife and mother and an industrious businesswoman and the rock in his life through many years of illness.
When he was 11 years old, Ps Sam died from pneumonia and sickle cell but he was brought back to life by God in extraordinary circumstances. Being born again at the age of 11 (about 40 years ago), the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him in dreams and visions and told him, he will preach the gospel. His mother continually reminded him as a child that like Samuel in the Bible, he has been offered to God and he must seek to follow after God. Since then, he has always been curious about knowing God and doing His Will. He was influenced greatly by the Bible Studies and Prayer Movement and he started preaching at the age of 12 to large crowds of people who came to listen to his testimonies of resurrection and the power of God that heals and delivers, the Love of God that saves and transforms and the Presence of God that gives all mankind comfort and hope.
Later, Ps Sam joined the Scripture Union and played a key role in preaching the Gospel of Jesus in many schools and Teacher and Nursing Training Colleges from when he was 15 years old.


Being gifted with great intelligence and academic excellence, He received 2 scholarships to attend a Boarding secondary school. At school, he joined the Scripture Union and was powerfully baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, prophesying and healing of the sick. By the time he was in Sixth Form, he was preaching in many schools and colleges in Ghana and God confirmed his ministry with signs, wonders and miracles where many people with healed of incurable diseases and demonic possessions. At this stage, his teachers and many Christians encouraged him to go into full time ministry. However, Ps Sam felt that he needed to continue his education to that highest level he could.

Samuel graduated with Bachelor Honours degree in Biological Sciences with Diploma in Education from University of Cape Coast. He received a Master of Science in Health Promotion through a consortium with University of East London and London School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Later, he graduated with Master of Arts Organizational Leadership Development and Postgraduate Diploma in Consultancy from the world-renowned Institute of Education, University College of London.

Samuel received scholarships, studied and received a PhD degree in Leadership Development and Doctor of Divinity from University College London. He has since received several professional qualifications, including Chartered Directors Qualification from Harvard School of Business. He has published several academic articles and Christian literature. He has received several awards.


His professional work spans the health, education, politics and consultancy. He started his teaching career at the age of 19 as an unqualified teacher. He worked as a Programme Manager of Family Reproductive Health Programme sponsored by Save the Children and United Nations. His team worked to reduce maternal and child health in deprived communities in Ghana. He taught in several comprehensive schools in England and quickly became a School Principal in London. Later, he worked a freelance School Inspector for the Her Majesty’s Inspectorate (HMI). Samuel works as a Education Consultant and Visiting Professor to several universities in the UK, Canada and USA. His career has sent him to many nations such as South Africa, Poland, Australia, USA and Canada. He is the Chief Executive of the Verity Group Limited with four arm businesses – Verity Healthcare Limited, Verity Education and Training Centre, Verity Recruitment Limited and Verity Consultancy Limited. He is also the Executive Director of charity organizations, Rescue Mission and Future Leaders. He serves on the Board of two 100 FSTE companies in London.


Ps Samuel has been blessed with Family-Based Ministry where individuals and families are nurtured and disciple on one-on-one basis. He has been blessed with a strong Bible teaching, intercession and healing ministries. He has been actively involved in the Prayer Warriors of Scripture Union. It is not surprising that God has led him to organize All-Night Intercessory Prayers Ministry to call Christians to prayer. He loves to study, teach and live by God’s word with simplicity of expositions. His Ministry is focused on helping Christians to become useful to God’s Kingdom and to the communities in which they live.

Personal life

Ps Sam has been married for 20 years to Dr. (Mrs) Barbara Esther Ofori-Kyereh. His wife has been instrumental to building up God’s ministry. Her wife has been a Christian since childhood and leads on the Women of Virtue Ministry which seeks to bring women – young and old, married or single and those from all walks of life to the salving knowledge of Christ and to empower them to fulfil their destinies. She leads the Praise and Worship team at church. They have lived in England with their children Nana, Ohene and Owura. The children are actively in the church life and play a key role in the Youth Ministry.

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