Welcome to Future Leaders Programme,

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with leadership potentials

Our History Future Leaders

Future Leaders was founded over 5 years ago by Rev. Dr. Samuel Ofori-Kyereh, an academician, educator, statesman and businessman who originates from humble beginnings but have always had the burden of making a difference in society. Having completed a doctoral degree in organizational development and leadership, he realized the need to implement practical leadership programmes to develop “true” leadership at various levels of society in order to achieve better life outcomes for all.

In 2012, while he worked as a health and education consultant in London, USA, Canada, South Africa and France, Dr. Samuel Ofori-Kyereh was heavenly burdened to garner resources to support young people to appreciate their value word leaders destined for making our world a better place to live. By applying the principles of societal development and global connectivity, Future Leaders partnered with British Council, DfID and European Union Fund to implement programmes to develop the expertise to upskill and empower individuals, communities and economies to create systemic, sustainable and impactful progress.

The company’s mission was based on his passion for assessing and developing leadership potential and igniting the leader in individual people. He understood the value of education and saw the real need to address the leadership delinquencies that fail to solve the problems of societies.

To solve the ongoing challenge, Future Leaders Leadership Programme was implemented to develop a new breed of leaders with passion and mandate to help solve the World’s problems. The unique Leadership Programmes have been designed to explore and understand the challenging leadership concepts and practices and; create purposeful opportunities that accelerate the readiness of young leaders to take on leadership roles in their homes, communities and nation.

In 2018, the programmes were designed to encompasses rotations within and across functions in an accelerated learning environment. This includes extended leadership contact, formal training and professional development. Participants are supported to create their individual journey through experiences, explore their potential, and implement activities to shape the future.

In the UK, Future Leaders Foundation manages and invests in a range of programmes addressing issues including youth leadership, global citizenship and developing the young workforce to provide holistic education and address childhood poverty. The Foundation is also investing in long-term, regional economic and social development.

In 2019,Future Leaders Canada was established with a sharper focus on building the leadership protential for establishing businesses, promote leadership education and undertake leadership advocacy for national development.

In 2020, a new leadership consulting brand was launched – Future Leaders International (FLI) lead by a dedicated team of consultants and coaches, to deliver customised leadership assessment and development solutions in Asia Pacific and Americas. The partnership with multinational and large local companies who understand the role played by great leaders in driving business growth and staff engagement are support the FLI initiative.

Future Leaders will continue to focus on developing Transcendent Leadership and nurture leaders who are keen to execute leadership excellence across the nations of the world.