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2020 Annual Report

 Future Leaders

Each year, the Leaders of  Future Leaders Foundation hold an Annual Meeting (officially the “Annual Leadership Meeting”). The meeting is focused on discussing the affairs of the Foundation and presentation of the accounts for the previous year. We produce two reports and these are available to read or download online:

The Annual Report includes:

  1. Account:

This is the official report of the Future Leaders, produced for the Charity Commission. This report includes our inspected accounts and an account of some of the year’s activities as well as lists of (for example) members of Trustees.

  1. The Annual Review Report

This is an assessment report of the Foundation’s activities in achieving goals set for the year. This report produces evidence of success and areas requiring improvement to help set goals for achieving the Vision of the Foundation.

For the past 5 years, Future Leaders have focused on its vision of providing leadership development programmes to young people in Africa, Asia and Europe. We value the commitment made by people to ensure that we achieve the vision and goals of the Foundation. The contributions made by our members, have helped to reach young people with great leadership potential which otherwise would have remained untapped.

We have large numbers of young people from different backgrounds expressing interest in enrolling as members of the Future Leaders  Our programmes are focused on developing, strengthening and actively engage young people from the age of 12 years to 35 years in implementing projects to address societal challenges.  The leadership development programmes have been redesigned to derive numerous benefits from by:

  • Providing unique opportunities for young people to meet and cooperate with other talented people, explore their  way of thinking, ideas and vision about leadership roles
  • Undertaking a cross-section projects and implementing programmes to improve the livelihoods of community and society at large
  • Developing their capacities and expertise and achieve relevance and the applicability of their roles to human resources development
  • Creating the opportunity to cultivate new skills and competencies for enhancing their lives and livelihoods

Based on the outcomes of the Annual Report, the Trustees of Future Leaders revise the business plan to focus on new targets intended to fill in the gaps in the leadership development programme that will equip participants to provide solutions to specific local community problems. The leadership development programme have been revised to place much emphasis on collaborative working with government institutions, large corporations, International and community-based NGOs and other private organisations to provide opportunities for transferring business knowledge to young people. These partner organisations provide the resources and professionals who act as Business Coaches to the Future Leaders participants.

The participants in return learns several leadership concepts and mentoring and coaching practices so they can implement leadership development projects while at the same time coaching other Future Leaders participants.

Future Leaders is unwaveringly focused on preparing both current and future generations of Ethical and Transcendent leaders to take up critical roles in Nations and communities around the world. Our programme which is fully focused on supporting participants to critically evaluating and implementing evidence-based methodologies in leadership development field, has allowed new and relevant ideas to be identified and these have been put into action to improve the livelihood of people.

Rev. Dr. Samuel Ofori-Kyereh


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