Future Leaders supports your leadership journey. From 1st time managers to senior leaders, we will explore key business issues with you and unlock your true potential as a leader and manager. The programme is 9-month in duration, delivered via face-to-face and online learning.

SPRINT Days at Hull University Business School. Gain knowledge from those who have been there and done it! Delivered via local and international speakers present the latest ideas backed up by the latest in academic thought leadership.

Negotiated Learning Days
Overcome key challenges through peer-to-peer learning and support. In small groups, delegates adopt a structured framework to solve real business problems and develop action plans for change.

Personal Coaching Sessions
See your own business through new eyes. Coaching is the glue of the Future Leaders programme that holds together the Sprint Days with the daily reality of working lives. One to one coaching personalizes the learning experience, helps to embed new behaviours and develop new habits. Ultimately, the programme will drive business productivity, talent retention, and growth.

Future Leaders Programmes

Our programmes support you wherever you are on your leadership journey.

Aspiring & Emerging Leader
First line managers with newly acquired responsibility for supervising staff, and high performing, talented individuals already in senior management roles aspiring towards wider, more strategic positions.

Customised Leadership Programme for your organisation
Future Leaders programmes can be customised for your organisation. Recognising that all organisations are different we would work with you to understand your business, its culture, your challenges and your opportunities. We would then shape a tailored programme to meet your requirements.

Advanced Leader
Experienced leaders or ambitious senior managers looking to refresh their thinking, ensure that they and their business are fit for the future, and want to take their leadership skills to the next level. This is a shorter more intense programme delivered over a 6 month period.