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Future Leaders is not-for-profit organization set up with the aim of promoting the concept of transcendent leadership in order to challenge and fix the current erroneous perceptions about leadership in societies. The focus is to empower devout individuals with the passion to pursue the call to be leaders, to lead tactfully to shine the light in darkness instead of follower who follow leaders of darkness.

“We’re focused on training, inspiring and equipping all participants through a wide range of leadership programmes to enable them make a visible and lasting impact in their communities, nation and the world”.



Welcome to Future Leaders Programme,

a leadership programme designed to equip people

with leadership potentials

Future Leaders facilitate leadership development initiatives intended to educate, empower and enroll individuals in diverse communities, organizations, institutions and government office to make impactful and transformative change in homes, organizations, societies and nations.

Future Leaders organize forums, conferences and meetings to interrogate the concept of transcendent leadership as a means of educating, empowering and inspiring individuals around the globe to influence and promote altruistic leadership in all spheres of life, drawing on Biblical principles.


The Future Leaders’ is a Global Movement for supporting people to develop leadership abilities to bring about marked and positive differences in their communities, society and nations.


Future Leaders’ main goal is to support transcendent individuals to become relevant leaders to their families, communities and nations by developing transcendent leadership skills in becoming creative resourceful and enthusiastic agents for change for good by influencing policies and programmes from the Biblical perspectives and making demonstrable and positive impact on the fabric of societies.


The mission of Future Leaders is to support as many devout individuals as possible in every nation of the Earth to discover their God-given leadership roles and empower them to become responsible agents and fulfilling their destinies and bring God’s kingdom – God’s way of doing things – on Earth.


Future Leaders have the vision to mobilize and empower God-fearing leaders who are selfless and determined to make positive difference to the lives of the poor, destitute, orphaned, widowed and the neglect, bringing lasting transformation into homes, organisations, institutions and in the nation as a whole.


Our approach to carrying out leadership development activities is to encourage independent thinking and innovation with regards to a community development and pursuing social justice and reforms. Through conferences, workshops, training sessions and community project development to help participants to gain a better understanding of themselves, challenge existing approaches to leadership and take charge over the future of the communities, nation and the world.

Leadership is inspired divinely for the purpose of providing directions, inspiration and mobilization of people for a common goal and in achieving a common good. Leadership builds capacity for delivering hope and belief to achieving lasting improvement in society. 

Dr. Samuel Ofori-Kyereh
President and Founder of
Future Leaders Foundation

Our Partner Sponsors

We have several sponsors. They support our initiatives in various ways. We welcome more sponsors and supports to help us develop leaders with unique skills, expertise and convictions to make a positive difference in their communities, nations and the world.

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